A Queen And Her Throne

Welcome to my blog, I’m a tiny bit ecstatic to share snapshots of my world and still floating from the fumes of getting a new elevated toilet! No, not from those fumes..hehe but the fumes that fuel a greater sense of independence and peace of mind from knowing that I can expend a little less energy and apply it elsewhere should I need it. This is important because I may not have enough spoons to complete all my tasks and remain gracefully intact. File that under #ShitDisabledFolksGetExcitedAbout. Accessibility is a great emancipator in many ways as well as a conservation of energy. *exhales*

I’m grateful for these personal victories of advocacy which help endow a renewed sense of confidence that lead the pathway in pursuing long-term efforts like structural, attitudinal, and policy changes which are often slow, tedious, and meted out over time. Sometimes the index for success is measured by being able to rise from a seated position, shower without slipping, smile after you’ve cried when you realize that you and your comprehensive self are good enough..as is. Other days crawling back in bed and throwing the covers over your head works too since your body and/or mental health may be in need for just that—a quiet day doing absolutely nothing.

Personally, between self-care, care-giving, and advocacy finding balance can sometimes feel like a medieval circus act..like juggling for dear life. And since I fancy myself a queen I retreat to my new “throne” where I rule and reflect in peace…between royal flushes, and fantasize about universal access.

8 thoughts on “A Queen And Her Throne

  1. There are times, I must admit, abashedly so, that I don’t recognize a disability until it just screams at me, hollers while jumping up and friggin’ down…hands flailing about feverishly like the yellow crest of a wild cockatoo…will I notice a difference that isn’t prominently obvious.


    And then there are times like these where it is explained in simple language, in terms that are neither vague nor nondescript, and I feel like: I get it.

    Now. I get it.

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  2. Your blog just made me smile when I was in serious need of smiling. Thank you. Maybe I’ll even crawl out of bed next… or at least fluff the pillows and make plans to do so. 🙂 Bookmarking now.


  3. Did someone say “finding balance can sometimes feel like a medieval circus act…”? I can TOTALLY get that! So, how’s the royal throning going my dear? Awesome article…written by an awesome woman. I love how you do all that you can to promote understanding of other people and their needs, both visible and not so visible!

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