Rainy Daze: Self-Care 2.0


Image courtesy of Toa55 at FreeDigitalPhotos.net


I savor a rainy day….

It doesn’t pull on my arm like a small child beckoning me out to play.

It doesn’t tease me with the hope of tan lines and vitamin D.

It doesn’t comfort me with a warmth on my skin followed up by a cool breeze.

It doesn’t guilt me into staying outdoors packing in more to do and complete more chores.

It doesn’t make me smile all day and blast my jams, make me finger snap and clap my hands.

It allows me to stay put, shoes off, socks afoot, snuggled deliciously with covers over head

It allows me the choice of staying in one spot or splayed all over the bed.

It allows me to recoup my spoons and recharge my battery and maybe sleep till noon.

It allows me quiet time away from the carnival, curious stares at my staccato-strut, and concentration to not fall

Rainy days are nature’s lullaby, tapping on sidewalks and window panes, backdrop for a good cry

Rainy days seem to permeate where songs can’t penetrate and provide solace, when the sadness is heavy with hormonal changes

Rainy days are the perfect excuse to choose seclusion and refuse to move and hit the snooze button.

Rainy days are the solution to my salvation, temporary aggravation, centering my restoration.


[headline image: view from apt window blurred by raindrops, trees and other apt buildings in background]

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