Voting, Poetry, Holiday Season…Oh My.

So on this past Monday, I was honored to be in attendance at the MA Electoral College Proceedings. My friend, fellow  DPC board member, Cheryl Cumings is one of the MA Electoral College members and also Founder/Director of this wonderful program for blind and low vision students invited me and asked if I would write and recite a poem based around Hilary Rodham Clinton’s presidential campaign theme of “Stronger Together.”

Before I share my glee lemme just say how giddy and proud I was watching a fellow disabled Black sis who is, I believe the first blind member and Co-Vice President of the MA Electoral College. And without further ado and since folks keep asking to check out, this is what I shared…..

Stronger Together

We commune under the umbrella of unity but let us note the value of our individuality, each having a brand of uniqueness and needs that feed our soul and fuel our fire and drive for success in self-defined terms, privilege makes it sometimes feel unearned

Our intersectionality like fine threads of fabric woven to form rich tapestry cultivated from many strands that may include race, disability, gender, sexuality, neurodiversity, communication-style, aspects of our identities that exist beyond binaries that frustrate us and make us smile

Stronger together, we remain and we will not lose scope and focus of our fellow citizens who exist in the margins who have limited access to opportunities and are the result of failed policies, unaddressed by metrics not set up to serve underserved perhaps undocumented populations who hailed from foreign lands sailed on ships toward this mighty nation clutching hope and holding breath eager to find better quality of life and peace of mind

No matter what side of the aisle you sit or maybe somewhere in the middle or personal mantra you submit, remember all missions need undergirding for sound structural support, like bridges we build to close gaps in understandings and cross new thresholds, bold, brilliant, bearing in mind how our individual strength forms and fortifies the basis of our collective endeavor of being stronger together

(hwatkins 2016 © All Rights Reserved)

As I reflect this holiday weekend and await the New Year rolling in the next, I’m reminded of all the folks that homogeneity forgets when asked to band together. When the flickering of lights is in tune with festive melodies and mood is elevated, I’m mindful there are far too many folks still waiting…to exhale, to breathe, rest their aching backs, head, feet and call someplace home. Wishing all a very safe, happy holiday and New Year!

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