Stairs, Stares, and Who Cares



I’ve never run toward nor openly embraced your jagged edges and over the years, I declare I despise the mountain that makes you and the Herculean effort it takes to mount you

When I’ve reached my destination I’m happy as heaven I’ve left you behind, winded and with less energy, I wonder why you are even needed

An architectural barrier I seek to bypass, circumvent, cartwheel over, claim victory around corners peeking back cloak-and-dagger like with panache and style

Whether nonchalantly told it’s “just one or two steps” or asked with pearls clasped “what happened to you?” anxiety and lack of universal access run tandem handing off to one another akin to a tag-team wrestling match

And oh the stares at the oddity of me bumbling up, swearing and sweating, fretting the angled behemoth who’s never blessed me with chiseled calves and still I bask in triumphant glow knowing levity is buoyancy

So since I can’t soul mate you, cheap dating you is off the table, and sweet-talking is not an option…

Let’s just say we call a lukewarm truce ‘k?



Image courtesy of Sira Anamwong at

Image description: brown stairs/railings with white walls ascending upstairs to outside with sunshine pouring in


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