Thank gawd for the “weird” ones

who talk loud

who rabble-rouse

whose stories make you shift in your seat

who give you salty with their sweet

who ain’t neurotypical

who ain’t verbal

who slur their words

whose articulation is stuttered

who communicate in sign language

who use emphatic behavior

who drag their feet

who power roll down busy streets

who staccato strut with canes and crutches

whose lives many assume won’t amount to much

whose bodies are big and amputated

whose ADLs* are a bit complicated

whose accommodations seem complex

whose service animals ain’t for you to pet

who society decides as an afterthought to invest

whose existence is fodder for sitcoms and stand-up routines

whose assisted-suicides receive applause rather than their dreams

Amen to these beings who dare to be and show up sans apology



*Activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, eating, transferring, toileting, and walking

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